cannot figure out who designed the cover for The Beak of the Finch, but thank you very much for the spine, friend 🐤🐔🐦 (at Ideal Bookshelf HQ)

Ideal Bookshelf 668: Poetry
© Jane Mount 
2013 / 11”x14” / gouache & ink on paper

Poetry books picked by Erik Heywood, owner of the amazing Book/Shop in Oakland, California.

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Ideal Bookshelf 664: Golf
© Jane Mount 
2013 / 14”x20” / gouache & ink on paper


Kindle schmindle, we now have bookmarks!

28 different ones, sold in 4 sets of 7.

Ideal Bookshelf 660: Girl Stars
© Jane Mount 
2013 / 14”x20” / gouache & ink on paper

And another new print! All the cool girls in cool jackets.

Ideal Bookshelf 670: Adventures
© Jane Mount 
2013 / 14”x20” / gouache & ink on paper


Bay Area folks, I have a little show at Book/Shop in Oakland, running throughout December! We’re kicking it off tonight from 6-8pm, so come by and say hi if you’re in the area!

After reading My Ideal Bookshelf, Andrew over at Adopting James put together his own shelf, writing, “I never could have guessed how much fun it would be to collect all of my favorite books in one space! It felt like I had all of my best friends, past and present, in one room.”

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the 10 most popular books of the year, from the excellent and simple book recommendation site whatshouldireadnext.com:

and, the top ten NEW books:

Super deluxe loo! Lots of art in this bathroom including not one, but two, Ideal Bookshelf prints. See more here.

Ok, now: This is a painting of our friends Youngna and Jacob's bookshelf which, in the middle of the second shelf, features an Ideal Bookshelf painting.

It’s a painting of a bookshelf with a painting of a bookshelf on it and it’s in a book!

Also, Youngna's making beautiful mugs. More info below.



In our chapter on how *not* to hang a picture (that is, shelving, stacking, or otherwise displaying art without putting a nail in your wall), we showcase the home of Youngna Park and Jacob Krupnick, creative powerhouses whose work you probably know from all sorts of places.

Lately, Youngna has been making very lovely ceramics, some of which you can buy over at More and Co. Get into it.


I spy Ideal Bookshelf 455: Harry Potter on this wall-of-art in progress!

Via The Pink Pagoda—she’s documenting the redecorating of her 15-year-old daughter’s room over here.

Over on her blog, The Honeysuckle Under the Vine, Candice Ransom wrote, “The other day my favorite librarian said she’d just come across a recent book she thought I’d like and would put it with my requested holds. Don’t you love a librarian who does that?”

Yes! We do! Especially when the book is My Ideal Bookshelf.

Candice also shared her current ideal bookshelf (above) and little bit about why she loves these particular tomes. Read it here.


current favorite spine to paint = 1958 edition of Johanna Spyri’s Heidi, illustrated by Pelagie Doane. a fade! a landscape! people! that awesome type! (at Ideal Bookshelf HQ)

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